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1995 Ford Mustang 5.0 HO Auto AOD-E - Black

5.0 HO
Auto AOD-E
Ext Color
Int. Color
Tan Leather
All Over

This brand new parts car had big vinyl window graphic decals on it when it arrived (crashed) that said "ride & die" Well, folks don't worry, the former owner (like the air-bags in this ride) is still perfectly intact, but the road career of this mustang has now ended (probably due in no small part to his odd outlook on driving and an insurance adjuster having a bad day!) and now it has become a donor car to give new life to Mustangs around the globe! Need nice leather seats? Strong engine? Auto Tranny? We have it all! There is lots and lots of nice black sheet metal on this one and as you know black always matches black so if your dark steed has seen better days you better get to dialing your phone! toll free 1-866-45-STANG

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Parts Cars Disclaimer

Parts Cars Disclaimer

The cars, as shown, are listed for parts only. These cars are not for sale as a whole via either court order issue title and/or crushing by law. Visit the listed links if you wish to purchase for purpose of rebuild or daily driver.


  • CYL1434
  • CYL1434
  • 1995 Used
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