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Welcome to Prestige Mustang

Prestige Mustang actually started in Atlanta GA in 1983 in a spare bedroom of a duplex. The next location in 1984 was a tiny one-bay garage. After a few turbulent months there we managed to land a 5 bay garage space in Decatur GA. In 1987 we moved again, this time to a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse with outside parking for parts cars. In 1989 we secured a new lease that was converted to a purchase in 1991 of a warehouse property in Clarkston GA. While we operated in this location we expanded our operations to include Mustang car sales, a full Mustang only recycling facility, new and old stock Mustang parts sales as well as a complete Mustang paint, body and frame restoration shop. The footprint was only 1-½ acres but it housed about 20,000 sq. ft. in covered warehouse and shop space as well as room for about 100 Mustang parts cars. Over time, the direction of the business turned away from paint and body restoration to focus primarily on parts sales. In 2010 It was obvious that we had severely outgrown our space. After a diligent search, we purchased our new facility and in the next five months we renovated our new space and moved our entire operation into a very large warehouse building located at 785 Adamson Drive Monroe, GA 30655. Our new location is conveniently located on the East side of Atlanta - close to the Athens UGA campus (Go DAWGS!) and just minutes away from one of the main UPS hub routing stations.

Our donor vehicles are skillfully dismantled and parts are sorted and graded into just two categories before they are warehoused:

GOOD Parts

Parts that we would proudly install in one of our own mustangs.

BAD Parts

Parts that go directly to the recycling bin.

What we do

We have verified the fact that we can rightfully claim the title of being the worlds largest antique to late model Mustang only recylcing facility.

We specialize in antique to late model parts. We currently own five acres with an option to expand to up to 15 acres and add several more buildings as we grow even larger. Our main building is 29,000 sq. ft. of covered warehouse and dismantling space with industrial steel rack mezzanine shelf storage. We do not store parts cars outside for long periods of time.

Mustang Enthusiasts

We offer a full service mail order supply of new-old-stock, early & late model, as well as rare antique Mustang parts that we ship to Mustang enthusiasts worldwide. We strive to fill the gap between the years that the parts go obsolete from the manufacturer and new licensed reproduction parts are produced. Unfortunately, many parts are never reproduced and there are many different levels of repro parts, some are magic and some quite tragic. Many reproduction parts are simply not acceptable to refinishers and purists who would never consider installing parts on their pony car that were not made in the USA. Since we understand and share this mindset, we can cater directly to the need of those discriminating individuals.

Some of our favorite Mustang year models are now considered "antiques," but after more than 31 years in this business, we have found that some things never change and providing excellent customer service is still our number one priority.

Thanks, to our past and current customers...
Welcome, to our new and future customers...
You share our reason for being here...
We all LOVE the Ford Mustang…

Prestige Mustang Staff

The company prides itself on finding and retaining staff members that are highly trained and knowledgeable in all facets of the Mustang, both antique and late model to serve the needs of our customers.


Todd Welborn

Todd Welborn

Founder & CEO of Prestige Mustang

My personal obsession with the Ford Mustang began when I was just 15 years old . I got the chance to take a very memorable ride in a mean black 1969 MACH 1 that belonged to the older brother of one of my boyhood pals. I called shotgun & was lucky enough to take the passenger seat. The driver winked at me & put a crisp $20 on the dash, & he told me that if I could lean forward & grab the money before we made it to the store that I could keep it! That powerful beast with its 428 CJ engine pinned me back into the seat like the best roller coaster ride EVER, it was breathtakingly perfect. No, I didn’t get a hold of the Jackson, but in an instant that Mustang sure got a hold of my brain! The Ford Mustang became my life, my hope, my dream and my TOTAL inspiration! My buddys big brother swore he would never sell his treasured car, and true to his word, he never did, but I do have another one that is just like it in my personal stable. My newest favorite ride is the 2014 Deep Impact Blue Shelby GT 500 that you see in the photo above.


Dylan Welborn

Dylan Welborn

Brand Ambassador

I’ve always had a love for the Ford Mustang ever since I was a little kid. I grew up spending most of my Saturdays coming to the shop with my Dad. At first I was too young to really help out with anything but as I got older I started pushing a broom, organizing parts & stocking the shelves. By the time I was 15 I progressed from working just Saturdays to coming in every day after school and spending my vacations & summers working at Prestige Mustang. By this point, I had managed to acquire some professional grade tools and I began turning a wrench assisting in the dismantling of the parts donor cars. Now that I am getting older I realize that in the many years of working at Prestige Mustang I have truly learned a great deal about this car that we all love. Even when I am not at the shop, the Ford Mustang still takes up a large portion of my personal life. I still enjoy spending free time in the garage working on the first car I ever purchased with my own money a Red 1967 Coupe! She has come a very long way since I first started working on her, but just like any other Mustang owner/enthusiast you always know that there is more that can be done to these cars because of their unlimited potential.