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1995 Ford Mustang 5.0 Cobra Cobra T-5 - White

5.0 Cobra
Cobra T-5
Ext Color
Int. Color
Black Leather

Whiplash city! We know from personal experience that it just bites when some fool isn't paying attention and nails your treasured car doesnt it? The good news for all of you out there in "I sure want some Cobra parts for my Mustang land" is if that if you especially need front end Cobra parts this car is a rare beauty! From the doors forward she looks just about perfect! Those engineers at Ford sure got it right with the snakes didn't they? Upgraded everything! You name it we have it! Cobra Brakes.... Cobra Engine.... Cobra Tranny.... Cobra rear end... What are you still doing here reading this? While you procrastinate, someone else is dialing our number and if you are not careful they will beat you out on the good stuff! Go get your phone and call pronto! Toll free 1-866-45-STANG

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1-866-45-STANG (78264)

Parts Cars Disclaimer

Parts Cars Disclaimer

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  • CYL1435
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