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1998 Ford Mustang 4.6 4V Tremec TKO 3550 - Black

4.6 4V
Tremec TKO 3550
Ext Color
Int. Color
Tan Leather
All Over

Folks, it IS a real Mustang Cobra, and when you deal with this elusive, mythical, pony-snake, combo you MUST show respect to the creature, or it might just bite you in the butt when you are not paying enough attention to it! Fortunately enough for you, your Mustang can now benifit from the powerful venom this big, bad, Cobra left behind. The rear end features super strong 410 gears, and just as important as the "go" it also sports those terrific Cobra brakes that give you enough "whoa" to avoid those pesky little import drivers who always seem to get in front of you and stab their brakes randomly! Nice tan leather seats would feel soooo good... Magnaflow exhausts would sound soooo good... and... get ready to dial the phone... First one to call us gets it... The black rear bumper cover says COBRA (unlike that repro junk)and it is in great shape for you to bolt and go! This car has one of the nicest aftermarket Trannys we have seen in a LONG LONG time.... it also has a Lakewood Scatter Shield... so if you want it you just might have to fight one of the staff for it... we saw him droooling over it, and mumbling incoherently just a few minutes ago so don't delay! Toll free 1-866-45-STANG

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1-866-45-STANG (78264)

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Parts Cars Disclaimer

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