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1993 Ford Mustang 5.0 Automatic - Silver

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Ok, before you call and try to tell us that we are "butchers for parting out this very nearly perfectly good little vert" lets be totally up front and honest... we hate it too! We would have liked to have given it a wee bit bit of "plastic surgery" and styled it around town! (The engine sounds GREAT!) Unfortunately, this is a court ordered "PARTS ONLY" car and can NOT be given a clear title under ANY circumstance... ya, it seems criminal, we know, but we don't make the rules... Call your local govenment office and start a petition, or complain to them, if it hurts your feelings. However, if you are in need of some truly choice parts... how lucky are you? Better get to dialing that phone pronto because you can be certain that those hard to find GT tail-lights and front fender extensions are being eyed for insertion by our ebay sales weasel as we speak! Auto tranny is smooth and strong, so it would be great for your resto-mod project or if your current stang is just getting a bit tired this could wake it up. The opal gray interior is super clean. Don't delay... Call today! Toll free 1-866-45-STANG

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1-866-45-STANG (78264)

Parts Cars Disclaimer

Parts Cars Disclaimer

The cars, as shown, are listed for parts only. These cars are not for sale as a whole via either court order issue title and/or crushing by law. Visit the listed links if you wish to purchase for purpose of rebuild or daily driver.


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  • CYL1388
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